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Schedule of Exhibition

Special Exhibition

La Parisienne: Portraying Women in the Capital of Culture, 1715-1965 from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
April 11(Wed)-June 10(Sun)
Features the women of Paris from the 18th through the 20th centuries. Exhibiting works count approximately 120 items from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston such as paintings, articles of clothing, photographs, and others.

The 6th New KENBITEN: Annual Competition of Art in Hiroshima Prefecture
June 23(Sat)-July 8(Sun)

Ghibli Expo ― From Nausicaa to Marnie ―
July 21(Sat)-September 24(Mon/Holiday)
Features the 30-year story of Studio Ghibli, an animation studio established in 1985, with various publicity advertisements and production materials on display.

Brueghel: 150 Years of an Artistic Dynasty
October 8(Mon/Holiday)-December 16(Sun)
Displays the works of Pieter Brueghel the Elder and other painters from the Brueghel family in Flanders.

The 7th Junior KENBITEN:Annual Competition of Art for Junior in Hiroshima Prefecture
December 15(Sat)-December 24(Mon/Holiday)

SAVIGNAC the enchanter: Magical World of a Parisian Poster Artist
January 5(Sat)-February 11(Mon/Holiday)
Presents the world of Raymond Savignac, a poster artist representing France, whose works decorated the streets of Paris with a style that overflowed with humor and esprit.

The 65th Japan TraditionalKogei-Art Crafts- Exhibition
February 21(Thu)-March 10(Sun)
Displays a combination of the exceptional skill and beauty of contemporary Japanese art crafts from Living National Treasures(Holders of Important Intangible Cultural Property)to up-and-coming young artists.

Permanent Collection

Collection Exhibition; The Age of Light and Shadow ~Art of the 1920s and 1930s ~
April 18(Wed)-July 1(Sun)
One of the policy of this museum is collecting artwork between the 1920s and 1930s. This exhibition introduces works from those eras in the fields of painting, sculpture, and crafts.

Collection Exhibition; Summer Museum: A Trip to the World of Fantasy Setsuji Wadaka, Art Crafts of Central Asia
July 4(Wed)-September 9(Sun)
A special feature exhibiting works from the world of fantasy. In addition, view paintings by the Japanese artist Setsuji Wadaka, as well as the art crafts of Central Asia.

Collection Exhibition; A Selection Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum
September 12(Wed)-December 24(Mon/Holiday)
An exhibition approximately 100 masterpieces works representing this museum listed in the “A Guide to the Collection: Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum”issued to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

Collection Exhibition; New Collections, Donated in 2017 Marcel Duchamp, Kumi Sugai, Culture of the garden
January 2(Wed)-April 14(Sun)
This exhibits feature artists Marcel Duchamp and Kumi Sugai, who was a successful artist in Paris. In addition, there will also be exhibited on associated with the adjoining Shukkeien garden entitled“culture of the garden”.