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Schedule of Exhibition

Special Exhibition

France and Britain: Art for a New Age 1817-1917
April 1(sat)-May 28(Sun)
Over 70 works of wonderful art from the National Museum Wales collection created by painters active in the UK and France duri ng the early 19th and 20th centuries.

The 5th NEW KENBITEN Annual Competition of Art in Hiroshima Prefecture
June 24(Sat)-July 9(Sun)

The Shaun the Sheep Exhibition
An Aardman Animations 40th Anniversary Event

July 15(sat)-August 27(Sun)
“Shaun the Sheep”, the humourous clay animation TV series produced by Britain’s renowned stop-motion animation production company Aardman Animations, as well as the company ’s other quality productions will be presented in the form of giant sets, puppets, videos, colour sketches and more.

Leonardo da Vinci and The Battle of Anghiari: The Mystery of Tavola Doria
September 5(Tue)-October 22(Sun)
The mural painting of Leonardo da Vinci entitl ed“ Battle of Anghiari”had a great deal of influence on later artists. This exhibit will feature da Vinci’s art as well as imitations and subsequent derivative works.

The Bhutan Exhibition: A Hint to Happiness
November 2(Thu)-December 24(Sun)
The kingdom of Bhutan is known as the “country of happiness ”.Approximately 140 works of art and other cultural artifacts from Bhutan will visit Japan for the first time. This exhibit will feature the country’s culture and traditions as well as its world views and values.

The 6th Junior KENBITEN: Annual Competition of Art for Junior in Hiroshima Prefecture
December 16(Sat)-December 24(Sun)

Play with Ukiyo-e: Children’s and Toy Ukiyo-e in the Edo period from the Collection of Kumon
January 5(Fri)-February 12(Mon/Holiday)
Color prints of everyday life in the Edo Period called ukiyo-e which depict the lives of children, genre prints depicting affection between parents and children, prints depicting other various cultural tales, and prints of toys among many others.

The 64th Japan Traditional Kogei -Art Crafts- Exhibition
February 23(Fri)-March 11(Sun)
Uncovering modern Japan’s outstanding skills and beau ty, from l iving n ational treasures to up-and-coming young people.

Permanent Collection

Collection Exhibition; Wasaku Kobayashi Collection Landscape Paintings Rich with Natural Beauty
April 19(Wed)-July 2(Sun)
Wasaku Kobayashi was a notable painter in the Western-style active during the Showa Period. This exhibit features Kobayashi ’s landscape paintings full of natural beauty, rich color, and solid composition.

Collection Exhibition; Summer Museum: Searching for Animals
July 5(Wed)-September 10(Sun)
This exhibit features our collection of paintings, sculptures, and other craft works featuring animal motifs. We invite visitors to try to find the animals hidden within the art works.

Collection Exhibition; Kibo Kodama Collection Traditional and Innovative Japanese Paintings
September 13(Wed)-December 24(Sun)
Kibo Kodama is a Japanese painter from Akitakata City in Hiroshima Prefecture. The exhibit features paintings from this artist who continually tested new artistic horizons.

Collection Exhibition; Shisui Rokkaku Collection Hiroshima’s Lacquerware Pioneer
January 2(Tue)-April 15(Sun)
This exhibit features the works of Shisui Rokkaku who was originally from Etajima City in Hiroshima Prefecture. He was famous for exploring the endless possibilities of lacquerware from both scientific/technical as well as artistic viewpoints.

New Collection Artwork, Donated in 2016
January 2(Tue)-April 15(Sun)